Owning a home is a dream come true for most people, but for some, not just any home will do. They prefer and crave the ambiance and security of creating their home from the ground up, placing rooms in their location of choice, adding luxurious fixtures and accessory to make a home that excels expectations. If you are searching for the very best custom home builders near me make sure to request estimates to find out how much it will cost to create this home.

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Expect to spend more money to custom build a home than you would spend to purchase a home that’s already built. The actual amount will vary from one project to another, however, because of the endless options for designing the home. In addition to a broad range of options, custom built homes usually involve the help of an architect to design the space, which adds costs to the job.

The National Association of Homebuilders reports the average size home purchased in December 2016 was 2,661 square foot and sold for a price tag of about $360,990.  That averages to a cost equivalent to about $136 per square foot. This price significantly varies from one project to the next, however. Your market is one of the biggest factors of this price.

On the other hand, the NAHB reported that the average cost to build a home from the ground up is about $200 per square foot. That’s more than $60 per square foot more than the costs of an already built home. But, you get what you pay for and sometimes, nothing will suffice except the comforts and ambiance that you gain when you build your own home. It is what dreams are made of and noting is more rewarding than knowing you’re in complete control of the project.